CMIC will guide you step-by-step to help you select which potential candidate is worth moving forward into clinical trials. CMIC offers safety and efficacy tests for APIs, pharmaceutical products, medical devices, and regenerative medical products at our GLP-compliant, fully AAALAC-accredited facilities for contract studies. We also offer quality tests of pharmaceutical products at our GMP-compliant facilities. Our global quality assurance system provides you the edge you need as your candidate drug moves from preclinical research through Phases I-III Clinical trials.

Our Edge in Non-clinical studies

  • Compliance with Industry Regulations
  • Wealth of Human Resources, Dedicated Consultants
  • Coordinated Analysis in the US and Japan
  • Supporting Global Transfer

Non-clinical Research Animal and Cell Studies

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CMIC Provided Study Description
Toxicity Studies Providing general tox, specialty tox, immunotoxicity and biological safety studies for pharmaceutical products, medical devices and regenerative medical products.
Genotoxicity Studies In Vitro (AMES, Chromosomal Aberration, MLA, etc.) In Vivo (Micronucleus, etc.)
Safety Pharmacology Studies Core Battery Studies (Cardiovascular System, Respiratory System, CNS) Follow-Up Studies, Screening Tests, Supplemental Studies
Efficacy Pharmacology Studies Evaluation of COPD, Animal Studies for Allergic Rhinitis and Asthma. Respiratory systems, cardiovascular, etc.
Pathologic Examination Various tissue specimens recovered from rats, dogs, monkeys, etc., with pathohistological examination by  board-certified toxicologic pathologists.
Biological Assay (GMP-compliant) Performing quality testing with animals, microorganisms or their components corresponding to GMP for medicinal products and GMP for investigational product.
L-FABP (Liver Fatty Acid Binding Protein) CMIC Bioresearch Center is currently the only laboratory with expertise in using human L-FABP transgenic mice.
Micro Mini Pig As an alternative animal of non-rodents, basic data of easily manageable micro mini pig is collected to provide testing services.

Bioanalysis and GLP Analytical Services

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