Integrated Prescription Drug Information System

CMIC Group provides a prescription drug database service. The database contains integrated prescription drug information from pharmacies outside of the hospitals. We provide analytical report to pharmaceutical companies based on their needs. Prescription drug database enables in-depth understanding of patients’ behaviors which are not analyzed by sales data. Our prescription drug database supports your strategy development and decision-making in all phases of product life cycle. For clients considering market entry into Japan, prescription drug database and the customized analysis by specific therapeutic area, profile of patients and physicians are useful to understand potential and needs of Japanese market.

Our Edge in Prescription Drug Database Business

High quality data accurately captures the current market info  

  • Our database holds 15-20 million medical prescriptions per year, the data distribution is well-balanced and similar to general population of Japan which is reported by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Tailored and in-depth analysis on behaviors of both patients and physicians

  • Prescription drug data enables market analysis which is not obtained with sales data. Database analysis such as treatment behaviors of physicians and drug adherence status of patients supports our clients to develop and optimize strategy in all phases of product life cycle.

Extractable Data:

  • Number of patients (by age, gender, area etc)
  • Number of prescriptions
  • Market share
  • Source of business: Naïve, switch, add on, drop
  • Number of combination therapies
  • Drug combination
  • Patients’ treatment flow
  • Adherence rate
  • Daily dose

Strategic use of prescription drug database in product life cycle:

R&D Analysis of market potential
Product portfolio and Life cycle management: Addition and modification of indication, formulation and dosage
Medical affairs Data generation for academic paper
Marketing & Sales Marketing strategy development & optimization

  • Market and competitor analysis
  • ROI analysis of promotional plan
  • Sales Forecasting: Adherence rate, Generic drug analysis
Sales force optimization: Resource management and allocation
Supply Demand forecasting and optimization


  • Prescription drug database
  • Web-based analytical platform of prescription drug data
  • Customized prescription drug analysis report



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