The CMIC Group has embodied its ideals of “bringing about innovation in healthcare fields, so that all may stride forth true to themselves in this one and only life, regardless of age, gender or race” and “whether when the radiant flower of youthful vitality blooms, or as life matures in later age, every desire to live fully in the moment is equally precious” within the CMIC’s CREED.

It is upon the basis of these ideals that we hold up diversity as a management theme of great importance, and lend ourselves to concepts and thinking that enrich by venerating all forms of variety.

Diversity in the CMIC Group is not limited to personnel policies focused on women alone, and by venerating the ways in which our work and thoughts mutually differ, to arrive at yet higher caliber discussion and outcomes, whilst celebrating our variety, it is held up as something that makes us a company able to deliver high performance.

We believe that the employment of diverse personnel, irrespective of race/ gender/ disability, the veneration the contrasts between people to find value, and fair treatment regardless of dissimilarity are indispensable for business growth, and incorporate these beliefs into our advancement of diversity.

Approaches to Medicines for Rare Diseases

In the CMIC Group, we actively carry out our pursuit of medicines for rare diseases, on the basis of our “every desire to live fully in the moment is equally precious” thinking in the CMIC Creed, Our Resolve.

Not only do we lend ourselves to the development of new drugs by various drug manufacturing enterprises aimed at rare illnesses, CMIC also takes an approach whereby we apply for the recognition and sales of new drugs yet unapproved in Japan on our own.

We furthermore make contributions to society through approaches whereby we undertake the acquisition and sales of medicines for rare diseases, from other drug manufacturing enterprises.