Reducing Clinical Site Workloads

As your Site Management Organization (SMO), CMIC supports clinical trials with expert Clinical Research Coordinators (CRCs). CRCs help improve the quality of clinical trials, while reducing the workload of clinical staff. Our experienced CRCs are skilled at ensuring the patients that are recruited for clinical trials are suitable for site conditions.  We provide comprehensive trial support in a wide range of therapeutic areas, meeting the needs of around 4,000 medical institutions in Japan.

Our Edge in CRC Services

Flexible clinical trial management support with knowledge and expertise

  • CRC can be deployed to work onsite and provide full support for medical institutions to help improve the quality of clinical trials.
  • CRCs with knowledge and experience of supporting clinical trials in wide range of therapeutic areas to reduce workload of clinical trial operation.
  • With strong ethics, expertise and dedication, CMIC’s CRCs can appropriately manage potential compliance risks related to clinical trials.


  • Patient eligibility support
  • Informed consent support
  • Manage patients’ hospital visit/testing schedule
  • Manage clinical trial materials
  • Support Case Report Form (CRF) preparation
  • Support Clinical Research Associates
  • Support medical institution with audit/regulatory inspection

Clinical Site Administration Support

site management graphics

Site Management Support