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Examine the efficacy on the changes in the respiratory function, pulmonary function, inflammatory cell counts in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BALF), pulmonary histopathology, and average alveolar size (mean linear intercepts, MLI) using animal models.

  • Cigarette Smoke Exposure Model: Mouse, Rat, Guinea-pig
  • Cigarette Smoke Solution-Induced Mode: Mouse, Guinea-pig

Pulmonary Fibrosis
Examine the efficacy on the changes in the respiratory function, pulmonary function, lung hydroxyproline and pulmonary histopathology using bleomycin (i.t. or i.v.) induced animal models.

Allergic Rhinitis
Examine the efficacy on the antigen (ovalbumin, OVA) induced immediate-phase and late phase rhinitis (nasal congestion) response, inflammatory cell infiltration to the nasal cavity and vascular permeability in the nasal mucosa using OVA-sensitized animals.

Examine the efficacy on OVA induced airway hypersensitivity response, increase of airway resistance (immediate-phase and late-phase), cell count in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BALF) and cytokine, and histopathological changes using OVA sensitized animals. In addition, evaluate airway remodeling of long term antigen-induced chronic asthma animals.

Cardiovascular System
Assess antihypertensive efficacy by telemetry and tail-cuff methods (rats dogs and monkeys), X-ray (rats, dogs, monkeys and pigs), Ultrasonography (echo cardiogram) (mice, rats, dogs, monkeys and pigs), Holter electrocardiography to  guide you to the best evaluation model(s) for your study drug or medical equipment (2K1C, Diabetes mellitus etc.).

Ophthalmic Evaluation
Various model animals such as corneal epithelial detachment.

Skin Care Evaluation
Various model animals with atopic dermatitis, dry skin, sunburn (UV irradiation) and alopecia (hair restoration and hair growth).

Evaluation Animal (general) Guinea pig Mouse Rat Dog Monkey
COPD: respiratory function, pulmonary function
COPD: histological examination, MLI
COPD: inflammatory cells in BALF
COPD: cigarette smoke exposure
COPD: Intratracheal Instillation of cigarette smoke solution
Pulmonary fibrosis
Allergic Rhinitis: nasal airway resistance (Immediate and late phase)
Allergic Rhinitis: Nasal vascular permeability
Asthma: airway hypersensitivity response
Asthma: airway resistance (Immediate and late phase)
Asthma: inflammatory cells in BALF
Asthma: cytokine
Asthma: histological examination
Chronic Asthma: remodeling of long-term antigen-induced animals
Cardiovascular system
Ophthalmic evaluation
Skin care
Central nervous system
Digestive system
Renal damage
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