Support For Your Products

Whether you need on-demand sales & marketing professionals for a drug launch, or complete strategy to support your marketing needs, CMIC Group has the services you need. Providing comprehensive support for pharmaceutical commercial operations that enable our clients to grow successful businesses capable of overcoming the issues faced in the healthcare and life science sectors. In addition to sales representative support, we can tailor our support to our client’s needs.

Our Edge in Sales & Marketing

Flexibility through integration of multichannel marketing

Leveraging the considerable experience of the current workforce and the operational expertise fostered through Contract Sales Organization (CSO) operations to deliver top-quality services via person-to-person and remote channel marketing (web-based and telephone communication systems)

Comprehensive Support for Sales Activities

Full support for sales activities for our clients, including sales/medical representative (MR) dispatch and training education services.

MR Training & Management

Established internal talent development to collaborate with various departments within the CMIC Group to provide high-quality training and management skills.

Tailored Proposals

Providing comprehensive promotional activities, including those specific to a certain product or region. Our team creates tailored proposals and executes optimal solutions to meet client requirements such as maintaining or expanding the share of existing products.


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