Medical Collaboration

CMIC Group provides harmo®, a medical information collaboration system based on an electronic pharmacy handbook (i.e., drug history/prescription records). This collaboration enables simple and reliable unified management of prescription information, which is shared and used by healthcare professionals. This digital channel provides dispensing data for patients that can be managed in real time. Using the electronic prescription record, the digital channel is used to strengthen patient support programs.

Our Edge in harmo®: Healthcare Communication Channel

Targeted communication with patients

  • Our clients can contact patients who fit the ideal criteria, such as specific therapeutic area, based on accumulated information from the prescription database. Targeting is accurate and efficient, ensuring patients are contacted only when they meet specific criteria.


  • Healthcare information delivery for patients
  • Patient education on disease and medical treatment
  • Patient follow-up during treatment and adherence support
  • Questionnaire for patients

Healthcare Website (HelC)


Call Center


Prescription Database Business

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