Web Patient Community in Japan

CMIC Group provides patients with our web community, HelC, with a focus on establishing patient-centered care. This site hosts information on medical institutions and pharmacies in Japan, as well as medical information, and advice for healthy living, such as nutritional advice. The site has 500,000 monthly visitors.

Our Edge in Patient Healthcare Websites

Our platform provides aggregated healthcare information that is useful for patients

  • Patients can research hospitals and read medical information from the comfort of home. They can also learn about healthcare events and clinical trials.

Online store

  • Customers can order the “SelCheck self-test kit” that allows you to easily self-check your disease risk at home and test kits of in-vitro diagnostic drugs for medical institutions online .

HelC Website Contents

  • Online Patient Recruitment
  • Hospital Search
  • Drug Information
  • Articles for Patients
  • Self test: BMI check, CKD self check, etc.
  • Healthcare advice
  • Online store

HelC Japanese Website

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