Information Security Policy

CMIC Group Information Security Policy

CMIC Group Top Management has established the following Information Security Policy to safeguard and properly utilize its information resources so as to continuously grow as trusted partner to our customers.

    1. Establishment of Information Security Management System
      CMIC Group Top Management will assume the ownership of information resources and take leadership in the establishment and operation of information security management systems.


    1. Compliance Measures
      All employees of CMIC Group will comply not only with the applicable laws and regulations but also with socially accepted ethical norms, and appropriately manage and utilize information resources by ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability.


    1. Periodical Evaluation of Information Security Measures
      CMIC Group will continuously update and improve the information security measures through periodical evaluations by internal audit and management review.


    1. Raising Awareness of Information Security
      CMIC Group Top Management will continuously promote raising awareness of information security in all employees.


  1. Partnership
    CMIC Group respects its partnership with its customers, and will respond honestly and with good faith to customers by making efforts to continuously improve information security measures.

CMIC Group
Kazuo Nakamura, CEO