In the CMIC Group, we strive to be thorough the Company Rules, create corporate culture of strict observance and penetrate the compliance consciousness, based on CMIC Group Code of Conduct. We carry out following actions to let the Executives and Employees of the CMIC Group (hereinafter referred to as “all members of the Group”) understand this way of thinking well and always practice it in duties of each person.

Actions for Compliance

Training: In the CMIC Group, we carry out “business ethics and compliance training” for all members of the Group once a year. The result of the training is going to be our basis of mindset, and is hoped that lead to compliance management of whole CMIC Group.

Compliance Handbook: As a part of the actions for the reinforcement of consciousness to compliance, “Compliance Handbook” is distributed to all members of the Group. This handbook contains many examples that let all members of the Group follow laws and the Company Rules and grasp a concrete standard to act in conformity with social common sense and judge own action and ethic by oneself. Therefore, we can understand compliance better and try to be thorough and penetrate more.

Established Contact Desk of Employee Reporting/Consultation: For the purpose of receiving reports and consultations widely from all employees for various issues related to compliance, “CMIC Group Compliance Reporting/Consultation Desk” has been established. The channels are set up internally and externally so that employees can select a Reporting/Consultation partner from among in-house staff members and an external member whose background is an attorney, who all were designated by the Compliance Officer. We are making efforts to prevent a fraud or misconduct, and to detect it at an early stage.

Intranet: To have all executives and employees of the CMIC Group promote better compliance, documents and reference information and Q&A related to the compliance are available on intranet so that you can access the latest information at any time.

CMIC Group Code of Conduct
The purpose of this CMIC Group Code of Conduct is to stipulate the basic principles of action to be observed by all members of the Group so that CMIC Group operates its business complying with laws and regulations and acting in accordance with social ethics.

CMIC Group Code of Conduct [PDF Link]