Basic Management Policy

CMIC group started the first CRO (Contract Research Organization) business in Japan in 1992 followed by the launch of SMO (Site Management Organization) and Patient Recruitment businesses.  Now CMIC is rolling out a business model of “Pharmaceutical Value Creator (PVC)” that covers the entire pharmaceutical value chain from R&D to manufacturing and sales.

CMIC group’s management philosophy is to widely contribute to the maintenance and improvement of the health of all people from disease prevention and diagnosis to treatment (not limited to medication therapy) by creating a new business model based on PVC and expanding our customer base from pharmaceutical companies to general healthcare. Based on the philosophy, the behavioral guidelines since the establishment, we have redefined it as “CMIC’S CREED” in October 2015 to add more clarity to our founding spirits. We aspire to continue transforming ourselves, collaborate with various stakeholders while pursuing diversity, increase strength and value of our company, and bring innovation to healthcare.

Target Management Index

CMIC group aims to continuously expand the sales share for businesses with high-growth potential, and continuously improve profitability for businesses in mature markets.  As a consolidated group, our target is to achieve over 10% operating profit ratio.

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