Performing Bioanalysis with Uncompromising Results

Bioanalysis is vital throughout every stage of drug discovery and development, CMIC provides cutting-edge capabilities and sophisticated expertise to enable sponsors to overcome their research challenges.  We provide bioanalysis services for all development stages, both GLP and non-GLP, within a state-of-the-art facility that has the capacity to accommodate quick turnaround for high-volume projects from around the globe.

Our Edge in Bioanalysis

  • Quality: Leveraging over 30 years of dedicated bioanalytical experience
  • Responsive: Delivery highly accurate and timely results
  • Innovative: Purpose built facility and world class technology

As your strategic partner, we help streamline your drug development efforts to maximize the probability of success and minimize drug development time and costs.  Our laboratories perform bioanalysis and various biomarker measurements utilizing advanced instrumentation. We provide oligonucleotide bioanalysis services with cancer cell analysis and various patterns of oligonucleotides, such as Decoy (double-stranded DNA), antisense (single strand DNA/RNA), siRNA, and Aptamer. We support small molecules, large molecules including antibody, biomarkers, oligo-nucleotide-based and high-pharmacologically active drugs. Our skilled researches with over 30 years of experience perform GLP analysis studies of oligonucleotide based drugs within the following tissues: plasma/serum, urine, CSF, muscle, liver, kidney, lung, brain, heart, tumor tissue, PBMC and ocular. Through collaboration between our bioanalytical consultants in Japan and US, we provide technical transfer and contract arrangements in under a month.

Small  Molecule Support Large Molecule Support Biomarker Support
Method development and validation of analytical procedures Method development and validation of analytical procedures Method development and validation of analytical procedures
Measurement of small molecule drug in nonclinical and clinical Quantitative analysis of antibody drugs, antibody-drug conjugates, peptides, oligonucleotide etc. Cell analysis (FCM), RNA/DNA analysis (qPCR), Omics analysis: Proteomics, Metabolomics, Lipidomics
Bioanalysis and measurement of metabolites content

Protein binding rate

Measurement of anti-drug antibody (immunogenicity)

Measurement: anti-drug antibody titers

Multiplex analysis (ECL) by immunoassay

Measurement of peptide and protein biomarkers by immunoassay

Concentration of dosing solution Measurement of various biologics by immunoassay Omics Analysis: Proteomics, Metabolomics, Lipidmics
Metabolite structural analysis in a biological sample Quantitative analysis of nucleic acid and peptide drugs Assay of  fatty acid, bile acid, steroids, polyphenol by LC-MS/MS
Pharmacokinetic parameters (TK/PK) analysis Pharmacokinetic parameters (TK/PK) analysis
Measurement of drug concentration of dosing solution in nonclinical studies

Method Development & Validation Support

PK/TK, Bioanalysis Method development and method validation for PK analysis/TK analysis. Preclinical and clinical bioanalysis of small and large molecule.
PD/Biomarker, Bioanalysis Method development and method validation for PD/biomarker. Preclinical and clinical bioanalysis.
ADA, Bioanalysis Method development and method validation for ADA. Preclinical and clinical bioanalysis.
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Large Molecule Bioanalysis

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