Medical Affairs Consulting and Contract Medical Science Liaisons

CMIC Group provides comprehensive solutions related to medical affairs, including Medical Affairs consulting, contract Medical Science Liaisons, and medical information service. In order to meet the growing demand for medical affairs support that matches the variations in Japanese companies’ Medical Affairs Departments, we provide customized solutions that match individual companies’ needs. Our solutions are based on our experience and knowledge of the Japanese market, with customized, optimum solutions.

Our Edge in Medical Affairs

Medical professionals’ communication skills

  • As a Contract Sales Organization (CSO) company, we have accumulated know-how in communicating successfully with healthcare professionals. We utilize this skill in training solutions to increase our performance as Medical Affairs professionals.
  • As medical information service, our call center has highly experienced communicators with experience as pharmacists and nurses. Healthcare professionals can receive answers about appropriate use of pharmaceutical drugs, OTC drugs, cosmetics and health foods/functional foods.

Extensive Experience

Each of our consultants employ professional expertise in an array of areas, offering high-quality consulting services

Strong Regulatory Authority Knowledge

Experience with a wide range of regulatory matters and various authorities including PMDA and MHLW, including preparation of supporting data, application dossiers and responses to the authorities’ queries.


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