Small Molecule bioanalysis is a well-established science, but not all small molecule studies are straight forward, CMIC is your dedicated partner that can handle any situation.

Our Edge in Small Molecule Bioanalysis

Supported Studies

  • Validated methods
  • Compounds containing radioactive isotopes
  • Compounds that are highly absorbent (non-specific binding) or have poor stability
  • Complex matrices: CSF, PBMC, ocular tissue, brain tissue, human tumor tissue, skin patch
  • Provide pretreated transfer containers to support sample stability at sites

Complex Study Experience

  • Radioactive Compounds
  • Hi-Absorbance Compounds
  • Ocular, Brain, Tumor, Patch
  • Pretreated Transfer Containers
Top Line Instruments
Thermo fischer Q Exactive Plus, Altis, Sciex Triple QUAD 6500+, 5500, API 5000, API 4000 LC-MS-MS & Sciex QTRAP 6500, QTRAP 5500,
UHPLC-UV / UHPLC-fluorescent/2D HPLC

Services Supporting All Stage of Drug Research and Development


Bioanalysis and GLP Analytical Services

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Large Molecule Bioanalysis

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