General Toxicity Studies in Animals

From screening test to GLP studies, CMIC conducts toxicity studies which are required for clinical Phase I studies. Our team’s extensive expertise with toxicity studies will provide you flexibility and responsiveness for your study requirements.


General Toxicity Studies

General toxicity studies performed in mice, rats, dogs and monkeys in which safety pharmacological studies, genotoxicity studies and immunotoxicity studies can be incorporated such as safety pharmacological evaluation for cardiovascular system in dogs and monkeys, FOB evaluation in rats, dogs, and monkeys, bone-marrow micronucleus assay in rats and so on.

Specialty Toxicity Studies
Pulmonary local irritation studies in conscious guinea pigs and monkeys and in anesthetized mice and rats by intratracheal administration.

Immunotoxicity Studies
Lymphocyte subset analyses, NK cell activity assays, TDAR tests, which can be incorporated into general toxicity studies.

Biological Safety Studies for Medical Devices and Regenerative medical products
Conducting biological safety studies for medical devices and regenerative medical products.

Species Include:

Guinea Pigs

non-clinical studies

Non-Clinical Studies


Safety Pharmacology Studies

Efficacy studies

Efficacy Pharmacology Studies


In Vitro and In Vivo Studies