Med Concierge Service

Our Med Concierge Service, clinical site network service, supports our clients’ understanding of healthcare needs which exist at clinical sites. Using our experience as a leading Site Management Organization (SMO) company, CMIC group provides site coverage of around 4,000 medical institutions, with medical concierge support in most major cities throughout Japan. Our staff has extensive experience and skills in communication with healthcare professionals providing a wide range of services that connect clients, medical sites and patients.

Our Edge in Clinical Site Network Services

Combining expertise with a broad network of medical institutions

  • With our extensive network of around 4,000 medical institutions and with the expertise of Clinical Research Coordinators (CRC) and Site Management Associates (SMA), CMIC group provides opportunities, such as interviews and roundtable discussions, to understand the healthcare needs of clinical sites.


  • Market research, surveys and investigations (disease, prescription, medical device)
  • Interviews of physicians and medical staff
  • Organize and facilitate roundtable discussions
  • Support on sales and marketing of products and services (Medical device, application etc)
Clinical Site Administration Support

Clinical Site Administration Support

clinical research

Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC)

Consulting Services

Consulting Services