Each and every employee with noble intent and high ethics, taking positive steps forward in activities that contribute to society, so that we may fulfill our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen, and be a company entrusted by society.

Support for travel clinic service (medical examination and treatment) in Brazil

CMIC supports annual travel clinic service for Japanese immigrants in Brazil, which has been provided for over three generations by Dr. Emilio Moriguchi (CMIC’s consultant in Brazil).

Why travel clinic service?

Japanese immigrants arrived in the south of Brazil immediately after the end of the war cannot speak Portuguese and therefore are not able to visit local hospitals for examination or consultation.

Dr. Emilio Hideyuki Moriguchi, Japanese Brazilian doctor, has provided travel clinic service for such Japanese immigrants living in the south of Brazil for over three generations. There are many Japanese immigrants who look forward to the annual travel clinic. Dr. Emilio Moriguchi travels in a mobile medical van for over 3,000 km every year to reach out to them and provide medical care in Japanese.


CMIC Group’s Involvement

Following the economic growth in Brazil, the amount of public subsidy for the travel clinic service went down and Dr. Moriguchi’s out-of-pocket expenses have increased as a result. Under such circumstances, CMIC Group has started employee donations in 2014 in addition to corporate donations. CMIC Group will continue supporting Dr. Moriguchi in his wish to “continue travel clinic service for Japanese immigrants in the south of Brazil”.


CMIC Award for AIDS Researcher 

CMIC Award is presented each year by The Japanese Society for AIDS Research (membership: approximately 2,000 persons) to one person whose innovative and superior achievements have contributed to the development of the Society, through activities in relation to the spread of HIV disease.

CMIC Award

Volunteering by New-graduate Employees

The volunteering experiences of 180 new employees who joined the Company in 2014, at homes for the elderly, facilities for disabled persons and nursery schools in Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture.

On to places where one gets a sense for CMIC’s Creed both in physically and in spirit, by contributing to the community and connecting with socially disadvantaged persons.

Rare Disease Day

Taking Part in Rare Disease Day (RDD)

*The aim of Rare Disease Day (RDD) is to improve quality of life (QOL) for patients with rare/ intractable diseases through better diagnoses and treatments, with February 28th (February 29th in leap years) being so named, and RDD has now been held in approximately 100 countries around the world, since its inception in 2008 in Sweden.

Although rare diseases can affect over 7,000 people, diagnoses can often take time because of poor awareness, and it has been reported that there is an average 5 year wait before a diagnosis is reached, with patients changing hospital 7 times or more during that time.

We take part in RDD in Japan so that more people, through RDD activities, will have a deeper understanding of rare/ intractable diseases, and to make possible a society where patients suffering from refractory conditions and those who care for them may live life more at ease.

The CMIC group is involved in clinical trials for numerous orphan drugs (for rare diseases).

We wore badges and promoted consciousness-raising activities for a 1-month period in February, to increase community awareness of these patients on the part of healthcare practitioners and others, and, to help serve as a bridge between patients and their communities.

The CMIC group will also be lending its support to further RDD activities in future.

Outline of RDD activities in 2023

In 2023, CMIC will sponsor the following activities to provide knowledge on “rare diseases” for as many CMIC employees, family members, friends, and clients as possible.

  1. We recruited drawings for the purpose of making rare and intractable diseases known to more people through the network of each employee, and posted the applied pictures on the Japanese CMIC Group website.
  2. We will hold RDD seminar event for listening to direct voices from rare disease patient for the aim to raise awareness of CMIC employees.
  3. In order to encourage employee’s donation activities, we set up an intra site dedicated for RDD activities where donations can be deducted directly from their salaries.
  4. Employees wear a pin RDD badge and have RDD goods in order to make employees themselves aware of those diseases.
CMIC Group

Co-hosting of the International Children’s Drawing Contest

CMIC Group and Nakamura Keith Haring Collection co-host the International Children’s Drawing Contest.

This annual contest started in 2009 as the only drawing competition officially recognized by the Keith Haring Foundation. Open to children ages 4 to 17, they have submitted their drawings from schools and painting classes inside and outside Japan, submissions have surpassed 1,000 in recent years. Every year, we invite special guest judges from art and fashion fields. Award winning entries will be exhibited for a week after the award ceremony at the Keith Haring Collection.


Nakamura Keith Haring Collection International Children’s Drawing Contest co-organized by CMIC HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. as part of its social contribution activities, has been designated for “This is MECENAT 2020” by Kigyo Mécénat Kyogikai.

Aims and objectives of co-sponsorship by CMIC Group

Keith Haring is one of the most recognizable and representative of the American art scene in the 1980’s. He was involved in social activities throughout his life such as child welfare education, workshops for children all over the world, and HIV/AIDS prevention awareness activities. Keith Haring also created murals and wall paintings with children in Tama-city, Tokyo in 1987. CMIC Group has inherited the will of Keith Haring who had always wished for children’s future filled with hope, love, and peace. We have supported the Annual Nakamura Keith Haring Collection International Children’s Drawing Contest since 2009. Our objective is to understand different races, religions, cultures, and environments through supporting the contest, provide opportunities for children to freely spread their wings around the global society, and make contributions to the society.


The 14th Annual Nakamura Keith Haring Collection International Children’s Drawing Contest Award Ceremony

Award ceremony was held on October 29, 2022  at the Nakamura Keith Haring Collection located in Kobuchizawa, Hokuto-City, Yamanashi Prefecture.

This year, we have received 1,617 entries from all over the world. 30 winners were chosen as a result of careful review by the judges.

Business Activities Report 2022

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