Support Across All Clinical Trial Phases

CMIC Group provides consulting services that support drug development, Japanese/foreign market entry, clinical site network services, medical devices, regenerative medicine and Regulatory Affairs tasks. Our consultants are experts in product life cycle management, medical writing, med concierge services, drug development, regenerative medicine, in vitro diagnostics, medical devices and regulatory affairs. Our professional consultants bring their expertise to individual tasks, or as expert support for a clinical trial that CMIC is running for a customer. Click on the links below to discover how we can help streamline your project with on-demand services.

Our Edge in Consulting Services

Highly specialized consulting team

All CMIC consultants are talented professionals with specialist knowledge and a wealth of experience in their respective fields. Many of our consultants have 25 years of experience or more (e.g. R&D, manufacturing, and analysis) in pharmaceutical companies, and some have about 10 years of experience in regenerative medicine. Our highly experienced consultants from a wide range of fields provide high-quality consulting services on diverse issues.

Extensive experiences working with various regulatory agencies

CMIC consultants have good knowledge and understanding of the regulatory pathways and requirements. The team has been working closely with regulatory authorities such as PMDA and MHLW, preparation of supporting documents, application dossiers and responses to the authorities’ queries, etc,.


  • Medical writing
  • Med concierge services
  • Drug development consulting
  • Consulting for medical devices and in vitro diagnostics
  • Regulatory affairs support
  • Product life cycle management support
  • Strategic support, including market entry and licensing
  • Regenerative medicine consulting
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Clinical Trials

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CMC Consulting

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