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1. Copyright
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2. Conditions for quotation of information on this website
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– Not use the information for any commercial purpose.
– Not change, not modify any information on this web site.
– Both the copyrights and these conditions must be shown in all materials explicitly.

3. Liability
CMIC Group is not responsible for any outcomes attributed to use of information on this web site. Any legal or financial liabilities as results of such information uses are attributed to the information users themselves, and CMIC Group does not compensate any of them.

4. Trademarks
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5. Links to non-CMIC Group sites
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If you hope your web site to be linked with this web site, please inform us information@cmic.co.jp of the URL with your name and e-mail address.

6. Change of information on this website
CMIC Group may change or modify information on this web site, without prior notices.

7. Access logs
This web site records some information of users accessed to this site, in the form of “access logs”. Although this contains the user’s domain names, IP addresses, types of browser, dates of access, and so on, such information is not used to specify the each user. The “access logs” can be used only for maintenance of this web site and statistical analysis.

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10. Governing law and jurisdiction
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