Bridging US, Japan and Asia

CDMO Laboratory Facilities

As the largest and first CRO in Japan, CMIC Group also has drug development expertise with advanced manufacturing and packaging platforms to help accelerate your drug development timeline.   Whether you are launching new drugs in the U.S. or considering new market entry for the Japanese market, we are your partner for global product development with the ability to seamlessly transfer technologies across borders for manufacturing. With our broad offerings, we can help you tie your development and commercialization needs in the West with the East.

Our Edge in Development & Manufacturing

Formulation Development Expertise

  • With advanced technologies and extensive industry experience, we can help clients overcome formulation challenges and increase development efficiency.
  • CMIC has a dedicated Pharmaceutical Development Center (PDC) in Japan, as well as specialized dose form technology development teams in the U.S. and South Korea, to support our clients’ global market development.

End-to-End Solutions

  • We provide all aspects of drug development and manufacturing needs: preformulation study, formulation & process development, investigational product manufacturing, commercial supply and product life cycle management (PLCM).

Broad Dosage Form Capabilities

  • CMIC’s dosage forms development and manufacturing capabilities include: solid forms, such as tablets, capsules, powders and granules; semi-solid forms, such as gels ointments, creams, toothpaste, and suppositories; injectable products, such as vials and ampoules.

Global Network to Ensure Steady Supply

  • We have a global manufacturing network with diverse, highly reliable technologies and successful site inspections (FDA, EMEA, PMDA and TGA) track record to meet our clients’ needs.

CDMO Workflow

Formulation, Process and Analytical Development

Investigational Product Manufacturing

Packaging and Labeling

Release and Stability Tests

Commercial Supply

Technology Transfer

Consulting Services

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