Providing Strategic and Complete Solutions for Your Japan Market Entry

CMIC is the true end-to-end solution partner in Japan with leading industry experiences and solid track record. We created a flexible service platform called Innovative Pharma Model (IPM), which provides full pharmaceutical capabilities for overseas business partners to enter into Japan market. If you wish to conduct a clinical study in Japan, we can serve as the required In-Country Clinical Caretaker (ICCC). If you want to commercialize a new product, we can act as the Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH) or connect you with a strategic licensing partner. Our experienced consultants can help you determine the best strategy in accordance with Japan-specific changing regulations and unique environment, with options for entry at any stage in drug development: before clinical trials have started abroad, after approval abroad or after commercialization in a different country.

Our Edge in Japan Market Entry

As Japan’s first and largest CRO, we are the most experienced partner in Japan for drug development

  • 25+ years industry experiences with end to end solutions from preclinical to clinical development, from formulation to manufacturing , from filling to sales & marketing
  • CMIC can serve as an In-Country Clinical Caretaker (ICCC) for oversea sponsors

Strong expertise from strategy planning to commercialization

  • As Japan’s largest Consulting Service partner, we can help you to create the best strategy in accordance with Japan-specific changing regulations and unique environment and fit your business needs
  • We provide all services necessary for maintaining the manufacturing and sales of products in Japan, including commercial manufacturing, marketing, sales/distribution, and medical affairs, pharmacovigilance, PMS, quality assurance and regulatory affairs activities.

Japanese Market Entry Solutions

Tailor our services to meet your Japanese market entry needs

In-Country Clinical Caretaker (ICCC)

Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH)

Post-Marketing Surveillance


Commercial Supply

Contract Development & Manufacturing

Medical Affairs

Regulatory Affairs

Consulting Services