Pharmaceutical Development Center

  • Pre-formulation, formulation development, scale-up study, analytical method development, analytical validation and stability testing
  • Investigational product manufacturing and related services:
    1) Powders/granules, tablets, capsules (1kg, 5kg, 30kg sub-batch, 1-120kg batch scale)
    2) Bottle filling, blister packaging (PVC, PVDC, Aclar, Al-Al)
    3) Pillow packaging
    4) Labeling, secondary packaging (solid/injectable products)
    5) 2-8ºC packaging
    6) Batch release test, investigational product stability verification test

Shizuoka Plant

  • Commercial manufacturing:
    1) Tablets (e.g. round, specific shape, coated, orally-disintegrating, and sustained-release tablets)
    2) Hard capsules (No.1 – No.4, powders, granules): 700 million capsules
    3) Powders, fine granules (e.g. fine particles, masking fine granules) and granules (e.g. enteric-coated, coated, and sustained-release granules)
  • Commercial packaging:
    1) PTP packaging (PP, PVC, PVDC, Aclar, Al-Al)
    2) Bottle packaging
    3) Single-dose packaging (aluminum, PE, PET)
    4) Packing & secondary packaging (solid, injectable preparations)

Facility Accreditations/Credentials

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing (General)
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing (packaging / labeling / storage*)
  • Medical Device manufacturing (packaging / labeling / storage)
  • Psychotropic drug manufacturing

*Also applicable to biological products

Production Capacity

  • Tablets: 2 billion
  • Hard capsules: 700 million
  • Powders, fine granules and granules: 3 million tons
  • Packing & secondary packaging: 2 million

Facility Contact Information

1-588, Kanaya-azuma
Shimada, Shizuoka 428-0013, Japan

Phone: +81-547-45-3191 3

Business Inquires

Drug Manufacturing

Development and Manufacturing

Formulation Process Analytical Development

Formulation, Process and Analytical Development

Investigational Product Manufacturing

Investigational Product Manufacturing

Packaging and Labeling

Packaging and Labeling

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