• Commercial manufacturing:
    1) Injections: High potent/regular, ampule / vials, freeze dry, lipid emulsion, biologicals
    2) Oral dosage: tablets, capsules, granules, powders, sugar coated tablets
  • Commercial packaging:
    1) Blisters (PP, PVC)
    2) Bottles, sachet
    3) Packaging of injectable products including bio products

Facility Accreditations/Credentials

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing (Sterile)
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing (General)
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing (packaging / labeling / storage*)
  • Psychotropic drug manufacturing

*Also applicable to biological products

Production Capacity

  • Tablets: 2.4 billion
  • Granules/Powders: 54 tons
  • Injections: 2.9 million (Ampules),  2.8 million (Vials)

Facility Contact Information

588-3, Kubota-cho
Ashikaga, Tochigi 326-0324, Japan

Phone: +81- 0284-71-7111

Business Inquires

Drug Manufacturing

Development and Manufacturing

Packaging and Labeling

Packaging and Labeling

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