In 2020, CMIC and the National Cancer Center Japan (NCC) signed joint research agreement regarding the use of data on cancer-related gene mutations in hematologic malignancies. The HM-SCREEN-Japan is a gene screening project for hematologic malignancies patients led by the NCC in cooperation with medical institutions nationwide Japan.

CMIC, which has diverse and vast experience such as clinical trial experiences of hematologic malignancies and ICCC, can access the database of HM-SCREEN-Japan and propose various solutions based on the data. Collaboration between HM-SCREEN-Japan and CMIC enables clinical trials on an optimal scale according to the product, faster patient enrollment, and faster delivery of better drugs to the patients.

What’s HM-SCREEN-Japan?

  • A multicenter research project, started in 2019 to cancer-related gene profiling in patients with hematologic malignancies who are not suitable candidates for standard first-line treatment or who have relapsed/refractory hematologic malignancies. HM-SCREEN-Japan aims to develop early treatment for hematopoietic tumors such as refractory leukemia and accelerate reverse translational research (Reverse TR).
  • HM-SCREEN-Japan contributes to the discovery of resistance factors and development of new drug and biomarkers to overcome those factors.
  • 17 investigational sites nationwide, including the National Cancer Center Hospital East are participating in the project.

Our Services utilizing the network with HM-SCREEN-Japan

  • Strategic consulting for Japanese market entry and PMDA consultation for overseas companies based on the latest understanding of unmet needs in Japan.
  • Product development strategy / protocol planning and consulting based on the knowledge gained through joint research with opinion leaders.
  • Proposal of candidate clinical sites based on specific data such as gene mutation information at individual medical institutions.
  • Strategy development and proposal for faster patient recruitment by utilizing the HM-SCREEN-Japan database and network.
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