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SCOPE 2022: Driving Innovation in Clinical Trials and Digital Health

This year marked the return of The Summit for Clinical Ops Executives in person meeting in Orlando, Florida. Now more than ever, the important work of this clinical research community requires collaboration and innovation. Over four days of in-depth discussions in 22 different conferences, 3 plenary keynote sessions, the 6th annual Participant Engagement Awards, special cross-department panels, a first-time charity golf tournament, and interactive breakout discussions, the programming focused on advances and innovative solutions in all aspects of clinical trial innovation, planning, management and operations.

With the two-year pandemic, the overall landscape of clinical operations has shifted tremendously. This year catered to those changes with a large focus on decentralized clinical trials, remote monitoring, digital technologies, direct to patient services, and home health, which could be seen in the exhibit hall and speaker sessions.

CMIC was a proud sponsor, exhibitor, and presenter at this year’s event. Our presentation took place during the Accessing and Generating Real World Data Track of the show. The abundance of data generated during routine health care is growing in significance and should be used for clinical and observational research. Patient electronic records, registries, data from pharmacy and social media, and wearable sensors have been increasingly used as eSources. This process requires strategizing, implementing novel data technologies, as well as close collaboration between pharmaceutical companies and organizations that possess the data.

CMIC’s presentation, “Navigating the Real World Data Landscape in Japan” was jointly presented by Shuta Mitomo, Director of Digital and Innovation Planning, and Yohei Hayashi, Health Economic and Outcomes Research Specialist.

When utilizing RWD, the selection of the medical information database used for analysis is an important consideration. It is necessary to understand the insurance system in Japan and recognize the characteristics of each database. This presentation will take a deep dive into the current system and database utilized in Japan and provide tips for database selection and how it should be selected according to target disease area and desired result.

Please view this recorded presentation to learn more.

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