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Improving Patient Outcomes with PHR in Clinical Trials

Discover the latest insights from “Improving Patient Outcomes with PHR in Clinical Trials”,  a roundtable report in collaboration with CMIC and Pharma Ignite.  This roundtable focuses on enhancing patient outcomes through Personal Health Records (PHR) in clinical trials and features expert perspectives from industry leaders such as Michelle Crouthamel from AbbVie, Shoibal Datta from Takeda, Hiroomi Hayashi and Chihiro Takayama from KNOCK ON THE DOOR, Inc., and Takanori Sando from harmo Co., Ltd.

Key Takeaways:

  • Leverage of Real-World Data (RWD): Life sciences companies are increasingly utilizing RWD, including claims databases, EMRs, and registry data, to enhance clinical trials and research.
  • Decentralized Clinical Trials: These trials reduce geographic barriers, but prioritizing the patient experience is crucial.
  • Bridging Clinical Research and Care: There’s a pressing need to connect clinical research efforts with clinical care practices.
  • Challenges with RWD: Companies face significant challenges in the collection and management of RWD during clinical trials.
  • Collaboration for Better Outcomes: Enhanced patient outcomes in clinical trials through PHR require collaboration among all key stakeholders.
  • Future Innovations: Expect PHR-related innovations to arise from diverse sources in the future.

Applications of RWD:

  • Clinical Trial Optimization: Utilizing aggregated EMRs to refine inclusion and exclusion criteria and identify trial sites with diverse patients.
  • Synthetic Control Arms: Particularly beneficial in oncology and rare disease trials, reducing placebo use, accelerating recruitment, and cutting development costs.
  • New Drug Applications: Supporting new drug applications and label expansions through RWD.

Don’t miss out on this invaluable resource that provides actionable insights to drive better patient outcomes in clinical trials. Download the full Roundtable Report now and stay ahead in the evolving landscape of clinical research.


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