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[White Paper] Tailoring Bioanalytical Testing In A New Era Of Drug Development

[CMIC Group Whitepaper]

For decades, analytical testing has played a critical role at multiple stages of drug development. Pharmaceutical companies have to perform a comprehensive battery of tests to ensure product quality, safety, efficacy, purity and stability through qualitative and quantitative characterization of their compounds.

With unrelenting pressure to enhance the speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of drug discovery and development, companies need to be confident their Bioanalytical testing is not only tailored to these translational goals, but delivers added value in an environment in which scientific innovation, commercial imperatives and unmet patient needs are rapidly transforming the drug-development paradigm. With the rise of new challenges, drug developers are turning to expert service providers with the capacity, capabilities and flexibility to handle Bioanalytical testing in a new era of drug development.

  • New Emphasis In Drug Pipelines
  • New Challenges and Expectations
  • What To Look For In An Bioanalytical-Testing Partner
  • Driving Innovation In Bioanalytical Testing
  • And much more

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