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CMIC Resources

[White Paper] How the fast-changing R&D pipeline is amplifying the importance of adaptable CROs

The story of CMIC’s rise from being a startup in a one-room apartment to a multinational leader with services that touch many points in the drug development process and product lifecycle is defined by an ability and readiness to foresee the changing needs of biopharma companies and adapt accordingly. With pipelines primed to continue evolving in the coming years, that adaptable approach is now more important than ever.

Major advances in our understanding of the causes of once-untreatable diseases have reshaped the global drug development pipeline over the past decade, paving the way for better health outcomes for many millions of people. To realize these emerging opportunities, drug developers need access to clinical trial capabilities tailored to the modalities and indications that now dominate their pipelines. The pace of change is amplifying the importance of partnering with adaptable clinical development service providers that know how to get the next generation of breakthrough medicines to patients.

Topics include:

  • Global drug development trend
  • Drug development trend in Japan
  • The importance of adaptable CROs

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