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[White Paper] Evolving Trends of Decentralized Clinical Trials in Japan

As of December 2020, after the first wave of the novel coronavirus began to subside, many corporations/organizations within Japan have been required to implement measures against re-emergence of the infection, system improvement efforts, and respond to changes in the external environment. This was necessary due to patients being reluctant to attend their hospital visits during the first wave.

To enable the continuation of proper clinical trials, the introduction of new clinical trial methods have been under consideration while taking the guidance and Q&As issued by regulatory agencies into account. Trials which do not make it mandatory to visit medical facilities is one method that makes it much easier for subjects to participate in clinical trials. It is expected that this option will be seriously considered for implementation in Japan based on earlier case studies conducted overseas, mainly by global corporations.

Download the white paper to learn about the decentralized clinical trial initiatives and the trend in Japan, based on the survey CMIC conducted targeting pharmaceutical companies.

Topics include:

● Decentralized Clinical Trial Initiatives in Japan
● Initiatives Prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic
● Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic
● Results of Surveys Conducted by CMIC
● Expectations Towards Decentralized Clinical Trials and Future Prospective


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