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[Webinar] Make the Impossible Possible: An Innovative Partnership for Market Entry in Japan

10 years ago, CMIC, the leading CRO in Japan, and MEDIPAL, the leading pharmaceutical wholesaler committed to join forces to create OrphanPacific with a mission: accelerate the introduction of innovative medicines to treat rare diseases in Japan. After several years of applying the classical methods of asset transfer and licensing, it became clear that a new model must be created. Inspired by the long experience of outsourcing of its parent company, OrphanPacific introduced IPM, Innovative Pharma Model, inspired from the ICCC (in-Country Clinical Caretaker) but going beyond NDA submission and approval, to assist biotech firms without local operations in Japan to introduce their asset in Japan. The partnership with BioCryst provides an exceptional business case to demonstrate the value of the IPM.

This webinar was originally presented as an Innovation Theater Presentation at DIA Global Virtual Meeting 2021.


Philippe Auvaro
Previous CMIC Holdings, Division Director of IPM Business
OrphanPacific Inc., President, Representative Director



Megan Sniecinski
Chief Business Officer
BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc




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