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[Webinar] Frontier of mRNA Drug Discovery: Cancer treatment using mRNA and its future prospects

Before COVID-19 vaccine development, mRNA therapeutics has already become a focus area with joint efforts from pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Since mRNA can produce any protein, in theory, it is expected to have extensive clinical applications related to personalized cancer treatment, vaccines for infectious diseases, enzyme replacement therapy for rare diseases, regenerative medicine, and genome editing therapy. To facilitate global collaboration on mRNA drug development, CMIC and AccuRna, Inc. hosted a series of webinars on mRNA therapy, Frontier of mRNA Drug Discovery.

Following the first webinar held on July 14, 2020, as the second webinar, Prof. Kazuhiro Kakimi from Tokyo University, a leading expert in Japan, and Dr. Christoph Kröner from BioNTech RNA pharmaceuticals GmbH, the world leader in the field, provided the lectures on the basics and clinical applications of mRNA therapies.


Informative lectures:

  • mRNA-based Cancer Vaccine

 Prof. Kazuhiro Kakimi

 Department of Immunotherapeutics

 The University of Tokyo Hospital

  • Therapeutics against cancer and beyond using messenger RNA

 Dr. Christoph Kröner

 Head of Lead Structure and DNA Template Development for individualized RNA Products

 BioNTech RNA Pharmaceuticals GmbH


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