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CMIC Resources

CMIC Resources

Managing Manufacturing in Times of Uncertainty

Virtual pharmaceutical companies often have strong regulatory and clinical teams, but often they lack the resources needed to address the complexities of the complete product development and commercialization cycle. Partnering with a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) is a proven solution, especially when selling into multinational markets or working with new combination pharmaceuticals.

A panel of experts from Otsuka, Calliditas Therapeutics, Masters Speciality Pharma, and Eisai joined leaders from CMIC Group in a virtual roundtable discussion. These pharmaceutical professionals explored key aspects of evaluating contract manufacturing vendors, building strong partnerships, and related considerations.

Download our roundtable report and discover best practices when selecting and working with a CDMO such as:

  • Creating a set of requirements for the relationship
  • Develop a list of questions for the CDMO team in each functional area
  • Identify whether the CDMO team has the right skills and experience base
  • Continue with ongoing relationship management after selecting a partner
  • And much more…

Panelists Include:

  • Shawn Gallagher, President of Partnership Management, Eisai
  • John Iwasyk, Department Head, External Manufacturing & Sourcing, Otsuka
  • Manual Kirk, Senior Vice President, Commercial, Master Specialty Pharma
  • Kohei Morooka, Senior Director of Business Development, CMIC CMIC USA
  • Michael O’Donoghue, Senior Director of Operations, CMIC CMO USA
  • Katayuon Welin-Berger, Vice President, Operations, Calliditas Therapeutics

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