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CMIC Resources

How Real-World Data is Revolutionizing Rare Oncology Drug Development

Rare diseases have smaller patient populations, which make drug development more challenging. This issue is particularly acute within oncology, where many cancers fall into the rare disease category. The use of real-world data can help mitigate these problems and accelerate development of potentially life-saving therapies.

Access the highlights of a recent panel discussion involving international oncology experts. They discussed the challenges and benefits associated with the use of real-world data in the oncology drug development process.

Panelists include:

  • Dr. Jorge Cortes, Director, Georgia Cancer Center
  • Dr. Linda Kalilani, Senior Director and Head, Oncology Epidemiology, GSK
  • Dr. Yosuke Minami, Chief, Department of Hematology, National Cancer Center Hospital East
  • Dai Nagaki, Clinical Project Manger / CMIC Oncology Council, CRO Business, CMIC Group
  • Matthew Price, Executive Vice President & COO, Phosplatin Therapeutics, Inc.

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