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CEO Interview
Your Vitality Is Your Most Important Asset. Use Your Energy and Experience to Move Forward

Yusuke Akamatsu

Digital Finger Painter

Born in Ibaraki, Osaka on October 21, 1967, Yusuke Akamatsu entered the world of entertainment in 1985. In 1995, he changed direction to become a video creator, and went on to produce many experimental video works that fuse moving images with photos. All of works are captured and edited with an Apple iPhone, and his art chiefly comprises photos and short videos.

Kazuo Nakamura

Chairman and CEO

The COVID-19 pandemic has stalled economic and human activity, making it even harder than before to engage in international exchange. Considering the difficulties in maintaining connections with people nowadays, what kind of mindset do we need and what sort of action should we take? Yusuke Akamatsu has been unhindered by these circumstances—he leverages interpersonal connections as he continues to make great strides as an artist on the global stage, creating highly original artworks and videos using just a smartphone. CEO Nakamura invited him as a guest to share his story.

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