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CEO Interview
People with Strong Wills Seize the Future: Constantly Pursuing the Missions That Suit Every Passing Moment

Fumiaki Koizumi

President, Mercari, Inc.
President/CEO, Kashima Antlers F.C. Co., Ltd.

Kazuo Nakamura

Chairman and CEO

Work styles are currently at a turning point, with the spread of remote working alongside other changes. We can see a significant challenge in aligning the direction of an organization’s mission with its people’s own satisfaction in life and self-expression. What are the vital qualities that organizations and individuals need to pursue? Fumiaki Koizumi has served as a leader in Japan’s Internet business, with the social media service Mixi in the 2000s and the flea market app Mercari in the 2010s. CEO Nakamura listened to his story.

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