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CEO Interview
Giving People Love and Bringing Them Joy. That’s Why We Are Here.

Terumasa Hino

Jazz Trumpeter

Born in Tokyo on October 25, 1942. Started playing the trumpet at age 9. Ever since releasing his first album as a band leader in 1967, he has been the center of attention in what was called the “Hinoteru boom.”

Kazuo Nakamura

Chairman and CEO

The long-term COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the very foundations of interpersonal interaction, forcing us to question what the essence of communication is. In the U.S., if people fail, they are often given a second chance to keep trying until they are able to get back on their feet. Japan, on the other hand, is said to have a culture that does not tolerate failure and does not easily let people obtain a second chance. How can Japanese society change to better tolerate failure? Jazz trumpeter Terumasa Hino has embodied the concept of art and wellness as a truly global individual ever since he moved his base of activity to New York in 1975 during the peak of his popularity. CEO Nakamura invited him as a guest to listen to his story.

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