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CMIC Resources

C-Cast: Bridging Japan and the US Series – Introduction of CMIC CMO USA

C-CAST is a mini-video series presented by CMIC Group. As the pioneer and leading CRO in Japan, we provide you with short and useful videos about pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, including educational contents, leader & expert interviews, and more. Watch the video and learn about the market/industry trend, latest regulatory information, and new technologies for your product development in the U.S., Japan, and broader Asia.

This C-Cast is the first of a series, Bridging Japan and the US. CMIC’s US based CDMO capabilities and facilities are highlighted in this short video.

  • Bridging Japan and US (CDMO global map and messaging)
  • CCU capabilities overview and expansion
  • For early phase development, formulation, analytical testing, and clinical trial batch manufacturing & packaging
  • For commercialization – tech transfer, commercial manufacturing and packaging
  • Why CMIC – expertise, flexibility, customer focus, etc.


Regina Wachenheim
Director of Quality
CMIC CMO USA Corporation, CMIC Group


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