February 1, 2021

Tokyo- February 1, 2021 –CMIC HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. (henceforth “CMIC HOLDINGS”) announced that Yamanashi Prefecture and CMIC HOLDINGS have concluded a comprehensive partnership agreement for establishing a system to facilitate a mass vaccination program against the novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Yamanashi Prefecture. This is the first example of such a partnership agreement in Japan. Through this agreement, both parties will focus on establishing a vaccination system in the prefecture and strengthening the healthcare and public health systems, which will help to protect local residents’ health in the “new normal” of the COVID-19 era.

Currently, all municipalities are requested by the Japanese government to prepare for the rollout of a vaccination program targeting healthcare professionals in late February 2021. Each municipality needs to quickly tackle tasks such as securing vaccination sites and human resources, sending an invitation to each resident (as well as medical history forms and vaccination vouchers), and setting up a post-vaccination health data management system and a general inquiry center regarding the vaccination process.

In June 2020, Yamanashi Prefecture and CMIC HOLDINGS had already started a partnership to establish a new epidemic prevention system focusing on diagnostic testing system in the prefecture. Under the new comprehensive agreement announced today, Yamanashi Prefecture and CMIC HOLDINGS will continue work together to establish a COVID-19 vaccination system with the following three aims.

1.Supporting the prefecture’s new vaccination system by providing support for professional consultation, liaising between the prefecture and municipalities on matters related to vaccination

2.Supporting smooth operations at vaccination sites

3.Conducting long-term follow-up for adverse reactions, including introducing a digital information management system


With the digital information management system mentioned above, vaccination management will be performed using CMIC’s unique system that enables the long-term follow-up of people living in Yamanashi Prefecture after vaccination. Data such as the type and lot number of vaccines and vaccination dates will be managed in the cloud.


■Yamanashi Prefecture

Yamanashi Prefecture is taking the initiative and working proactively against COVID-19 to protect people’s lives, for example, by reinforcing systems for preventing the spread of COVID-19 and providing necessary medical care. In addition, the prefecture is leading the way in establishing a future society in which the spread of infectious diseases is prevented while maintaining economic activity and it has formulated a strategy called the “Yamanashi Green Zone Initiative” to facilitate this transition of society. The prefecture introduced the Yamanashi Green Zone Certification system to create new value in terms of safety and reliability across the prefecture: the certificate will be granted to restaurants, hotels, and others after they have rigorously put in place measures against infectious disease in compliance with standards set by the prefecture and then passed an inspection by the prefecture. Further, to address issues that have emerged in the battle against COVID-19, the prefecture plans to establish the Yamanashi Center for Disease Control (Yamanashi CDC) in April 2021; this special organization will play a pivotal role in anti-infectious disease measures based on information provided by specialists in Japan and abroad.


■About CMIC group

CMIC Group was founded in 1992 as the first Contract Research Organization (CRO) in Japan. Today CMIC Group is the largest clinical CRO in Japan with global footprint, providing comprehensive services in drug development, clinical site management, manufacturing, regulatory consulting and contract sales & marketing solutions. We can help pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies to enter Japan market, to conduct clinical trials in Asia, or to bridge drug development and manufacturing needs in the US, Europe, Japan and broader Asia. CMIC Group has over 7,000 employees and 25 sites globally. For more information about CMIC Group and services, please visit our website. https://en.cmicgroup.com/


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