October 3, 2019


Information on the system trouble and our restoration.

In the early hours of Monday, September 9 Japan Standard Time, our ICT department detected an infection within our server by a ransomware, and immediately stopped using the server. On the same day, an emergency response team was established to investigate the issue with the cooperation of our partners and outside experts. As a result, we have restored all of the system capability, and resumed normal operations.

Our review of the system has not revealed damage or information/data leak of any kind. In addition, due to our separate email system, there is no possibility that the e-mail server will be infected with the same ransomware, and the e-mail sent from us will not cause any harm.

We are currently updating and strengthening our PCs and servers to continuously monitor and detect unauthorized programs. We have also established a suitable network to prevent similar issues from happening again.
Given the seriousness of this incident, the CMIC Group is committed to further strengthening the security measures to prevent similar incidents from occurring again.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or concerns caused by this system trouble.

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E-mail: pr@cmic.co.jp

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