July 29, 2019
Site Support Institute Co., Ltd.

Notice regarding the integration of a SMO subsidiary

This is to notify that Site Support Institute Co., Ltd. (SSI), an SMO (site management organization) service provider in the CMIC Group, will integrate SSI-CP Co., Ltd. (SSI-CP), an SMO subsidiary based in Hokkaido as of October 1 2019.

1. Purpose of integration

As a pioneer in the SMO industry, SSI has expanded its business based on the cultivated experience and trust, and supports pharmaceutical drug development through the network of 2,300 medical institutions nationwide. In April 2019, an SMO based in Hokkaido became a CMIC group subsidiary and started its operations as SSI-CP to enhance our network in the Hokkaido area.

Through this integration, we will strengthen our sales capabilities and promote efficient organizational management to win new projects and provide high quality and timely support for clinical trials, in order to further strengthen our positioning in the Hokkaido area.

2. Integration summary

(1)Method of integration
Absorption-type merger wherein SSI will be the surviving company and SSI-CP will be dissolved.

(2)Integration date
October 1, 2019 (scheduled integration date)

3. Overview of the Operating Companies

Surviving CompanyAbsorbed Company
(1) Trade nameSite Support Institute Co., Ltd.SSI-CP Co., Ltd.
(2) Location1-1, Shibaura 1-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo1-1, Odori-nishi 5-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi,
(3) Name and title of representativeRepresentative Director, President and CEO,
Akihisa Mitake
Representative Director, President and CEO,
Akihisa Mitake
(4) Main businessesSMO (Site Management Organization) BusinessSMO (Site Management Organization) Business
(5) Capital99 million yen60 million yen
(6) Date establishedApril 2 1999February 16 1982
(7) Accounting termSeptember 30February 28
(8) Number of employees
(As of the end of June 2019)
approx. 760approx. 50
(9) Shareholders and holding ratiosWholly-owned subsidiarySite Support Institute Co., Ltd. 100%

4.Status after the integration (plan)

There will be no changes in the trade name, location, title and name of representative, scope of business, stated capital or accounting period and the shareholding ratio of the Company upon the completion of the contemplated integration.