July 30, 2021

On October 1, 2021, CMIC Holdings Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director & CEO: Kazuo Nakamura) will establish a new company called harmo Co., Ltd. that will be responsible for the digital platform services of the CMIC Group’s harmo brand, including its electronic prescription record system and vaccine information management system.

Ever since CMIC Group assumed ownership of Sony Corporation’s “harmo” branded electronic prescription record service in June 2019, the group has continued to promote further adoption of electronic prescription records and to develop services geared toward the establishment of healthcare communication channels, including the use of these records in clinical trials and a harmo vaccine information management system for preventing vaccination errors and maintaining vaccination records. The group also developed a harmo information management system for coronavirus vaccination, which keeps records of coronavirus vaccinations, ensures that users get their second dose on time, and facilitates follow-up after vaccination. This system is currently used by about 20 organizations.

To raise awareness of the harmo brand and promote its further evolution as a healthcare communication channel, the CMIC Group decided to establish a new harmo company and work toward strengthening that company as a pillar of the group’s new business.

This new company, harmo Co., Ltd., will aim to improve wellbeing by connecting with other CMIC Group services with the mission of building social systems that enable safe and rapid access to medical and healthcare information across people’s lifetimes, as well as the utilization of that information.

The CMIC Group will use the establishment of this new company as an opportunity to actively promote a shift to a new era of healthcare in which all individuals and families, regardless of age, gender, location, time, or race, can select the best medical care and healthcare for them and achieve individual well-being, defined as personal fulfillment and motivation to live the present moment to the fullest during the one lifetime we are all given. 

Profile of harmo Co., Ltd.

(1) Corporate name
harmo Co., Ltd.

(2) Headquarters
1-1-1 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo

(3) Company representatives
Representative Director & Chairman Kazuo Nakamura
Representative Director & Co-CEO Gakuho Fukushi
Representative Director & Co-CEO Tomo Ishijima

(4) Business description
Develop a healthcare communication channel platform and penetrate the market
Expand business by utilizing healthcare communication channels

(5) Shareholders
100% owned by CMIC Holdings Co., Ltd.

(6) Capital
30 million yen

(7) Start of business
October 1, 2021

About harmo

harmo is a personal health record (PHR) system based on electronic prescription records that has about 400,000 users via the harmo smartphone app or exclusive IC card (as of July 2021) and is used by more than 16,000 pharmacies across Japan, making it Japan’s largest PHR platform. harmo also offers a service called harmo Channel designed to raise awareness of diseases and provide information on the proper use of medications to improve treatment outcomes for patients. In 2020, harmo entered partnerships with two other electronic prescription record services—PHARUMO and Pocket Pharmacy—and is working to develop cross-platform services that utilize prescription records from over a million combined users. Please visit the website for details. Click here to visit the harmo website