March 1, 2017

CMIC HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. announced the company name change of consolidated subsidiary company “Healthclick Co., Ltd.” (Effective as of April 1st , 2017).

Healthclick Co., Ltd. has mainly conducted business by utilizing “health click”, a portal website for patients. The company has also provided direct and indirect services for patients such as adherence services and support to patients who have taken medicine and used medical devices by utilizing a platform of call centers and big data in healthcare. Taking the opportunity to change its corporate title to “CMIC Healthcare Co., Ltd.”, the company aims toward the contribution to the innovation of healthcare to create value-added and flexible solutions with the use of digital and IoT for further expanding the business.

1. Outline of the company

(1) Name Healthclick Co., Ltd.
(2) Address 1-1-1 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
(3) Representative President, Shinichi Keino
(4) Business description Patients’ support program, call centers, patient recruitment of clinical trials, and a portal website management and development, etc.
(5) Capital 97million yen

2. New trading name

CMIC Healthcare Co., Ltd.

3. Effective date

April 1st, 2017