August 31, 2018
CMIC Holdings Co., Ltd.

CMIC Pharma Science Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Hokuto, Yamanashi, President: Hiroshi Kosaku, hereafter “CMIC Pharma Science”), a subsidiary company of CMIC Holdings Co., Ltd., will open a satellite office in KOBE Biomedical Innovation Cluster (KBIC) on September 1, 2018. We will strengthen our services for regenerative medicine development by providing a broad range of offerings with speed and quality.

Currently, various companies and academia are accelerating their research and development for regenerative medicine to aim for practical applications. KBIC is the largest biomedical cluster in Japan by gathering nearly 350 advanced medical research institutions, highly specialized medical institutions, corporations and universities. Development of regenerative medicines is being actively carried out.

This new satellite office enables CMIC Pharma Science to have close interaction with medical-related companies and organizations, and research institutions. We will swiftly respond to our customer’s requirements and also take actions proactively to discover their hidden needs.

CMIC group, as a pioneer of CRO in Japan, has been providing various supports for regenerative medicine, such as strategic development, regulatory consultation, non-clinical study, clinical trial, etc. CMIC Pharma Science has 3 main solutions, CMC and GMP analytical services, bioanalysis services, and non-clinical research services. By utilizing our vast knowledge and experience, CMIC Pharma Science offers highly trusted one-stop service for regenerative medicine based on GLP/GMP standards.

About New Office

Office Name Kobe satellite office
Address Kobe Incubation Office (KIO), Chuou-ku Minatojima9-1, Kobe, Hyogo
TEL 06-6233-1777 (Osaka office)


CMIC Group started business in 1992 as the first CRO in Japan, and the company today provides comprehensive support services for the development, manufacturing, sales, and marketing of pharmaceutical products. Also, the company operates to respond to diversifying needs by managing the Healthcare Business sector and developing and selling diagnostic pharmaceuticals and orphan drugs. CMIC Group has developed a unique business model called Pharmaceutical Value Creator (PVC) based on its abundant accumulated experience and knowledge as a CRO pioneer. CMIC utilizes the PVC to create new value in the healthcare field. For more information, visit CMIC Group’s website:


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