March 7, 2023
CMIC Group

This announcement is to notify you that as of Monday, May 15, 2023, as part of our efforts to enhance information security, CMIC Group will be discontinuing the use of password-protected ZIP files for all emails received by employees of our group company in the course of their work. All emails containing a ZIP file attachment will be blocked (both body and attachment) and will not be delivered to the receiver.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our customers, business partners, and other relevant parties, and kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation.

  1. Background
    • Due to the difficulty of detecting malware (computer viruses) encrypted with ZIP files by email security measures such as spam filters, and the fact that they have been confirmed to be used as infection routes for malware such as EMOTET by exploiting security issues, we have decided to implement reception restrictions to further enhance our information security.
  1. Changes
    • If an email containing a password-protected ZIP file is sent to a mail account of our group company, the reception will be blocked and the email body and attachment will be deleted. A deletion notification will be sent via email to both the sender and recipient. For future data sharing methods, please contact our representative (the destination of the email).
  1. Date for Operation change
    • Monday, May 15, 2023