Tokyo – June 10, 2020 – CMIC HealthCare Institute Co., Ltd. (henceforth “CHI”), a wholly owned subsidiary of CMIC HOLDINGS Co., LTD., and PHARUMO, Inc. (henceforth “PHARUMO”) announced today to  start a collaborative business  to create further value for electronic prescription record services in Japan. Through this collaboration, the two companies will serve 800,000 users, and continue expanding the service platform.

CHI currently provides “harmo® channel” service which helps to raises awareness of diseases to improve treatment outcomes for patients and provides information on proper use of medication for users. Also, harmo® delivers updated diseases information, like the coronavirus summary information officially announced by the Japanese government.

PHARUMO provides “PHARUMO Cloud” service, which is a cloud-based pharmaceutical information hub system for pharmacies and provides many Information Communication Technology (ICT) solutions including electronic prescription records, inventory management, and regional medical cooperation.

Leveraging both companies’ platform strength, the collaborative business will launch medical and healthcare information provision services this summer for their users based on CHI’s information distribution features. The service will expand not only for the users (patients) but also for the pharmacies to develop new ICT solutions. It will create added value to electronic prescription record services and contribute to improving people’s daily life and healthcare innovation.

“CMIC group is committed to the ‘Healthcare Revolution’ in Japan, a highly aging society and aggressively expanding its business fields as a ‘Personal Health Value Creator (PHVC)’ to improve individual health value.” said Kazuo Nakamura, Representative Director and CEO of CMIC HOLDINGS. “Today, various healthcare and medical related information can be obtained easily, so it is more important to deliver the suitable information than ever before. Through this collaboration, CMIC group aims to incorporate PHARUMO’s system development and operation expertise for pharmacies with harmo®’s reliable and suitable healthcare and medical information to maximize the outcome of the electronic prescription record service and contribute to people’s wellbeing.”

“While leading development of our electronic prescription record service and pursuing further benefits, PHARUMO believes collaborating with the CMIC Group, which has a wide record of accomplishment and knowledge in the medical industry, will lead and create new value in electronic prescription record services. Our service’s advantage is to enable convenient information sharing between patients and pharmacists, for which it has been highly evaluated for. We aim to increase the value of electronic prescription record services by provide reliable and appropriate healthcare/medical related information. Collaborating with harmo® which has accumulated experience in highly public information provision service area should accelerate this scheme.” said Kaei Hiroi, CEO of PHARUMO, Inc.

■About harmo®

harmo® is an electronic prescription record service designed and based on the concept of PHR (Personal Health Records) in which individuals manage their own health information. This is provided by CMIC HealthCare Institute Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the healthcare business of the CMIC Group. harmo® features an electronic prescription record that uses a dedicated card in addition to a smartphone application. As of April 2020, it has approximately 400,000 smartphone application and IC card users and is the largest PHR platform in Japan that has been used by more than 12,000 pharmacies nationwide. The service is also based on innovative technologies that enable feedback to a specific individual via the service while maintaining anonymity by physically separating and managing information that easily identifies the individual and health data.

■About CMIC HealthCare Institute Co., Ltd.

CMIC HealthCare Institute Co., Ltd. has integrated Site Support Institute Co., Ltd., a leading SMO, and CMIC Healthcare Co., Ltd., providing healthcare information services, on January 1, 2020. CHI anticipates the consolidation of various information and know-how accumulated at SSI via its SMO business, as well as the disease prevention, health information and IT technology developed by CMIC Healthcare, which leads further acceleration in CMIC Group’s healthcare business.

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About CMIC group

CMIC Group was founded in 1992 as the first Contract Research Organization (CRO) in Japan. Today CMIC Group is the largest clinical CRO in Japan with global footprint, providing comprehensive services in drug development, clinical site management, clinical to commercial GMP manufacturing, regulatory consulting and contract sales & marketing solutions. We can help pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies to enter Japan market, to conduct clinical trials in Asia, or to bridge drug development and manufacturing needs in the US, Europe, Japan and broader Asia. CMIC Group has over 7,000 employees and 25 sites globally.

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■About PHARUMO, Inc.

PHARUMO was established in 2012 with the mission of “Challenging the possibilities of pharmacists by technology, human resources, and education.”

PHARUMO provides the electronic prescription record service utilizing a cloud-based dispensing information hub system named “PHARUMO Cloud” and dispensing pharmacies support system “Pharumo every”, and ICT business such as regional medical cooperation system. In addition to ICT business, PHARUMO offers diversified solutions to solve healthcare issues surrounding pharmacies and pharmacists centered on recruitment business and educational business such as sharing service for pharmacists. Especially, the electronic prescription record service was released ahead of the digitization of the industry, and it has over 400,000 users as of May 2020.

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