Feb 4, 2016
CMIC HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CMIC”) and ShiftZero K.K. (Minato-Ku, Tokyo, CEO Kiyoshi FUJIMARU, hereinafter referred to as “ShiftZero”) established a new company which comprehensively supports new pharmaceutical development, manufacturing, sales and marketing in oncology field commences business by co-investment.

The Purpose of the Establishment of the New Company

CMIC and ShiftZero agreed on a business alliance and proceeded discussions for finding new solutions that utilize both companies’ service models and know-how, as we announced on the news release on 11 Nov, 2015. We established “CMIC ShiftZero K.K.” by co-investment to accelete this  alliance and aim to share information at a deeper level and offering new solutions.
CMIC Group has many achievements in pharmaceutical field and has abundant resources including bases in Asia and the U.S. corresponding to a variety of needs. ShiftZero focuses on contracting global clinical research in oncology and unmet-medical-needs field, and supports PMS. They also offer advanced expertise and a full-service which considered life-cycle of the products.
We are convinced that we can support clients by combining both companies’ resources together and offer broaden solutions corresponding to clients’ needs. We specialize in new pharmaceuticals in Oncology field and utilize experts intensively. Also, we aim to contribute to increase the value of new pharmaceuticals by offering services in high quality by alliancing with the CMIC Group.

The Summary of the New Company

Company Name : CMIC ShiftZero K.K.
Location : Hamamatsucho BLD, 1-1-1 Shibaura Minato-Ku, Tokyo
Representative : President Teruyoshi OKUDA,
Vice president Keiko NAKAMURA
Establishment : 15th January, 2016
Business : Consulting, marketing, development and contract regarding pharmaceutical