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MONET Technologies Inc.

Tokyo- April 15, 2021 –CMIC HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. (henceforth “CMIC”) and MONET Technologies Inc. (henceforth “MONET”) will launch and jointly operate MONET LABO—HEALTHCARE, a business development program specialized in medical MaaS (Mobility as a Service), in June 2021, to support companies wishing to establish MaaS business(es) in the healthcare domain. Registration for companies wishing to participate will open after the kick-off event for MONET Consortium*1 members in May 2021.

As Japan is a super-aging society, there are several issues facing its healthcare system, including strains on patients and caregivers due to the lack of transportation options, and the rising burden on medical professionals due to the increase in at-home patients. For over a year, CMIC and MONET have been discussing ways to resolve these issues through the development of medical MaaS. During a MONET Consortium workshop on the development of new business models in the medical field in October and November 2020, many of the 24 participant companies indicated that they would like to be involved in the medical MaaS business. CMIC and MONET therefore decided to found MONET LABO—HEALTHCARE, a medical MaaS specialized business development program for such companies, in order to resolve the many problems facing Japanese healthcare.

Of the MONET LABO*2 corporate MaaS business development programs, MONET LABO—HEALTHCARE is a program specialized in the healthcare domain. Program participants*3 will pay an additional annual membership fee of 550,000 JPY (tax included).
CMIC Group has the knowhow to generate evidence as a medical, drug and healthcare service provider, and operational experience with cutting-edge technology such as harmo®, a PHR (Personal Health Record) system based on an electronic prescription record service. By collaborating with MONET, which has been expanding its MaaS business with various municipalities and companies, the two companies will support businesses wishing to establish MaaS business(es) in the healthcare domain, including those from outside the industry. Specifically, CMIC will plan and manage seminars and workshops, and lead groups of participant companies in problem-solving programs for municipalities. MONET will provide general program management. In addition, the two companies will support proof-of-concept studies prior to commercialization, and utilize various types of healthcare data.

MONET LABO—HEALTHCARE will include general sessions consisting of orientations on the healthcare industry business structure, and seminars that share information on common obstacles and examples of medical MaaS development. In addition, the sessions will include smaller projects in which participants will be invited to jointly generate specific business ideas, plan and propose business models for municipalities, and conduct proof-of-concept. Through the integration of each member’s technologies, services and ideas, the program is structured to resolve issues in society by building sustainable business(es) that are easily accessible for both patients and medical professionals.

For participation and program details, please visit the website. https://consortium.monet-technologies.com/monet-labo/medical.
(Please note that only a Japanese website is available.)

At the kickoff event scheduled in mid-May, 2021, MONET LABO—HEALTHCARE program content will be explained, in addition to a seminar by a guest speaker. MONET Consortium members with an interest in establishing business(es) or proof-of-concept needs in the medical MaaS field are welcome at the event. MONET Consortium members will be notified in April regarding how to sign-up for the event.

*1A consortium convened by MONET in March 2019 to promote the networking of companies to generate mobility innovations. More than 650 companies and organizations are members as of March 2021.
*2A program for MONET Consortium members. Membership registration started in October 2020.
*3MONET Consortium membership is required for MONET LABO—HEALTHCARE participation.

■ MONET Technologies Inc.
MONET Technologies Inc. is a joint-stock company owned by companies such as SoftBank Corp. and Toyota Motor Corporation. MONET works with local governments and organizations in each region of Japan to resolve transportation challenges in society and create new value out of mobility services. In addition, MONET manages the MONET Consortium convened to promote the networking of companies to generate mobility innovations. MONET also provides the Multi-task Vehicle, a vehicle that can be used for various purposes by easily changing its interior layout, the Personal Ventilation Kit, enabling personal space and ventilation of passengers in vehicles, and the MONET Platform, complete with data infrastructure and API, to support companies and local governments in establishing MaaS. Please visit our website for more information. https://www.monet-technologies.com/

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