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December 1, 2020
CMIC HealthCare Institute Co., Ltd.


Tokyo- December 1, 2020 – CMIC HealthCare Institute Co., Ltd. (henceforth “CMIC Healthcare”) is pleased to announce its participation, along with Nihon Unisys, Ltd. and Renaissance, Inc., in “IHW Open Innovation”, a healthcare open innovation program sponsored by International University of Health and Welfare (IHW) Group. With the goal of contributing to the prevention and mitigation of lifestyle-related diseases, the program will develop services to help prevent people reaching pre-disease states and to create data-based personalized healthcare services, centered around health promotion facilities cooperating with medical institutions.

Japan is expected to be entering an “age of centenarians,” and IHW Open Innovation will fully utilize the services, strengths, and accumulated know-how of the three companies to meet a wide variety of healthcare needs ranging from preventing pre-disease states to providing personalized healthcare. As part of this initiative, we will contribute to health promotion for local residents and to the sustainable growth of local health and medical care, as well as the development of local communities where as many people as possible can lead health and happy lives.


CMIC Healthcare initiatives

As a Site Management Organization (SMO), CMIC Healthcare’s strengths include the long-developed experience in supporting hospitals and fine-tuned patient liaison services. As a healthcare provider, in coordination with a healthcare data utilization platform built by Nihon Unisys, we will build a foundation for providing hybrid and personalized services for health and medical care.

1. Construction of a healthcare data utilization platform

Utilizing health data acquired through health promotion facilities and provided services, data held by the IHW Group, and data held by third parties (businesses, governments, etc.), we will build a platform that can accurately grasp from that data the health conditions and risks for individuals and provide suitable services. For data utilization, we will use Nihon Unisys’s “Dot to Dot” platform service, which provides a highly secure environment for data acquisition, management, and coordination.

2. Preparation of health promotion facilities

Based on a fitness-oriented community health promotion project that Nihon Unisys is implementing in Kohi City, Kumamoto Prefecture, we aim to provide, in collaboration with medical institutions, new pre-disease state prevention services utilizing the platform described in (1) above, centered at a health promotion facility for regional medicine operated by the IHW Group in Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture.



<About IHW Open Innovation>

The IHW Group comprises the International University of Health and Welfare, the Houyu Group in Tochigi Prefecture, the Junwa Group in Tokyo, and the Koho Group, Koho Welfare Group, and Takagi Gakuen in Fukuoka Prefecture. It operates approximately sixty facilities throughout Japan. To promote the Japanese healthcare industry, the IHW Group has started the open innovation project to fully utilize the group’s resources to realize business co-creation for joint research and development in various fields and among many businesses, from startups to large corporations. Through collaboration that transcends industry boundaries, we will promote a co-creation program that aims at creating new healthcare businesses, and a venture incubation program for supporting accelerated development of startups.

・IHW Open Innovation  https://innovation.ihwgroup.jp/


<About the CMIC Healthcare Institute>

The CMIC Group continues to take on challenges aimed at revolutionizing the healthcare industry. As part of these efforts, the CMIC Healthcare Institute was created through a merger in January 2020 of Site Support Institute, SMO, and healthcare information service provider, CMIC Healthcare. CMIC Healthcare will support the CMIC Group’s healthcare business while fusing the information, expertise, and technologies accumulated through those two businesses. Please see the Institute’s website for details (https://www.cmic-hci.com/).


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