February 21, 2018

CMIC Group was recognized under the Large Enterprise Category (White 500) of the Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program jointly run by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and Nippon Kenko Kaigi* for its various activities to promote employee health.

METI believes that if companies are to maintain and promote employee health, such efforts will energize business organizations through enhancing employees’ vitality and productivity, leading to improving enterprises’ performance as well as the value of the organization. METI encourages “health and productivity management” and aims to recognize and announce 500 organizations as “White 500” companies by 2020 that engage in excellent health and productivity management program in collaboration with health insurance society members and other associations.

CMIC Group is determined “to bring innovation to healthcare so that all people, regardless of age and gender, can live their precious lives according to their will” (CMIC’s CREED). To achieve the mission, we believe promoting employee wellbeing and creating a rewarding workplace are important foundations. We will establish a CMIC Group Declaration on Health Promotion and actively engage in CollaboHealth Promotion such as disease prevention, prevention of serious condition, and raising health awareness.

Specifically, we have provided support to help employees and their families to live fulfilling lives and developed a mechanism to prioritize health promotion. Further, we are considering new services including prevention of disease onset and progression based on know-hows and knowledge accumulated by the CMIC Group, services that combine analysis of medical practitioners’ receipt for health insurance claim and other data, and early diagnosis of kidney disease using the diagnostic reagent developed by CMIC to measure urinary L-type fatty acid binding protein (L-FABP). We will conduct a pilot study in collaboration with the CMIC Group health insurance association then roll out to external companies and health insurance associations that are promoting health and productivity management.

CMIC Group has so far promoted “Workstyle Reform” and “Diversity Promotion”, but we will add CMIC’s unique health promotion activities based on our CREED to achieve everybody’s wellbeing in day-to-day life, and recognize and appreciate happiness by becoming and staying well.

*The Nippon Kenko Kaigi is an organization that takes practical community- and workplace-based actions, under the collaboration of private organizations and with full governmental administrative support, in order to increase healthy life-spans and to provide appropriate medical care targeting individuals in Japan, a country facing a dramatically advancing aging society. The organization aims to encourage communities and workplaces to enact concrete measures to overcome health-related challenges in collaboration with private organizations, e.g., economic associations, medical-care associations and insurers, and municipalities.

CMIC Declaration of Health Promotion and Health Policy

CMIC Group Declaration on Health Promotion

-CMIC Group’s ideal state is employee wellbeing and healthy workplace-
CMIC Group declares to follow the spirit of CMIC’s CREED, support our employees and their families to live fulfilling lives, create a rewarding workplace, and develop a mechanism to prioritize health promotion.


CMIC Group Health Policy

  • CMIC Group proactively supports our employees and their families’ self-reliance to health promotion by utilizing CMIC Group’s extensive know-how.
  • CMIC Group promotes the creation of workplace where diverse employees can thrive and shine in conjunction with “Workstyle Reform” and “Diversity Promotion” to promote the health of our employees and families, achieve work-life balance, and improve productivity in the workplace.

Main Activities (Health Challenge 2018)

Disease prevention

  • Thorough reception of Medical examination/ Specific health guidance
  • Stress check
  • Overtime monitoring
  • Kidney function check using L-FABP


Prevention of serious conditions

  • Promotion of Data Health (analyzing various types of medical information)
  • Encourage reception of the secondary examination (for those with findings)
  • Provide support to improve treatment compliance


Raise health awareness

  • Increase motivation (Introduction of incentives)
  • Obesity measures/dietary advice/Exercise tips (Waling event, health diet, information provision by apps)
  • Second-hand smoking measures
  • Health consultation at our partner clinic


PDF CMIC Group certified as an Excellent Enterprise of Health and Productivity Management―White 500