December 12, 2022

November 22, 2022 (Tuesday), panel session “Utilization of Personal Health Record (PHR)” at “International Conference on Solving the Problems of Super-Aged Society 2022 Day 2” hosted by Nikkei Inc. and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry CMIC Group CEO Kazuo Nakamura took the podium at “Significance and Challenges of Promotion”.

Nakamura will give a presentation from the standpoint of a business that promotes PHR, introduce the positive impact of “IKIGAI” on healthy longevity, and propose how PHR should be “used” in line with the behavior of the elderly. I was. You can watch the archive distribution from the following, so please take a look.

About “International Conference 2022 to Solve the Problems of the Super-Aging Society”

Population aging will progress rapidly throughout the world over the next half century. In order to respond to the drastic social change of aging that humanity is facing, it is necessary to come up with ideas and share them. At this conference, world leaders in industry, academia, and government will discuss the social issue of “super-aging” based on their specialized knowledge, and explore the path toward realizing a more active aging society. Explore.

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